Dear Robinson Community,

I want to take this opportunity to reassure you of our commitment to the security and safety of our students, parents, and staff. As shared in our February newsletter, we have a support team in place who have been working along with us in the revision of all our safety measures and procedures.

Along with our usual safety measures (ex. drills, assessment of our emergency procedures, daily campus rounds by security staff, safety education given by teachers, special assemblies with students…) the following will be implemented:

  1. Parking on campus during the school day will be restricted to those who have a scheduled appointment .
  • Parents of children in grades PPK – 12th with appointments or early dismissals must use the front gate. After 8:00 AM the back gate is only available for Toddler parents.
  • Contact the appropriate office in advance to schedule your appointments.
  1. All visitors on campus for any purpose must check in at the reception office to receive a visitor’s pass – the pass must be visible at all times while on campus.
  2. Additional security staff have been strategically placed in key areas.
  3. All staff members will be required to wear an ID at all times.
  4. In our continued effort to ensure the safety and well-being of our students, specialists in school safety and campus security will be providing training workshops to our staff in response measures related to intruders on campus on March 22, 2018. Therefore, on Thursday, March 22, 2018 our students will have an early dismissal. See special schedule prepared for this day:Toddler House: 7am-12:00pmElementary:  7:50am – 12:00pm ( snack and lunch will be provided)

    Middle & Upper 7:45am – 12:15pm ( No lunch will be provided however, there will be two breaks/snacks for students)

    **Please be prompt in picking up your child. All after-school activities will be cancelled in order for all our staff to attend the training.


Thank you all in advance for your continued support. Have a wonderful weekend

Warmest regards,

Cindy Ogg