At Robinson School, we strive to provide the best educational program possible based on the individual needs of the student. We look carefully at a child´s recommendations and report cards to determine if your child and our mission and programs are an appropriate match. The following information lists Robinson School´s admission requirements for each different program in detail. Additional examinations may be required in order to clarify the needs of each child.

The Admissions Committee processes applications only when all required documents have been received.

We are working to make these forms available electronically.

General Requirements


A completed application contains the following:

• Completed Application form
• Application Fee of $100
• Applicant´s Response Essay (completed in Admissions Office)
• Completed Parent’s Questionnaire
• Emergency Form
• Official Evaluations from previous school (PPK-Kinder)
• Official Transcript from previous school (1st-11th grade)
• Screening Interview / Class Visit (will be scheduled once all documents are submitted)
• Original Birth Certificate (copy will be made)
• Social Security Card (copy will be made)
• Parental Identification
• Entrance Exam
• Letter from previous school certifying Good Financial Standing
• Psychometric Evaluations for students entering Kinder or 1st grade
• Psycho-educational Evaluation (for Pathways applicants only)
• Recommendation Forms prepared by applicant’s Principal, English teacher and Math teacher from previous school (SUBMITTED SEALED)


• Evaluations (psychometric and educational) are considered current if they have been performed within the last two years.
• We strongly recommend that the doctor(s) and psychologist(s) used for evaluation be chosen from the list provided by our Admissions Office.
• In order to properly assess the student´s needs, all diagnosis and/or progress reports from any specialist working with the child must be included. Failure to disclose this information may affect continued enrollment.


Application Form

Parents Questionnaire 

Principal Recommendation Letter

English Recommendation Letter

Math Recommendation Letter