ENTRANCE FEE (new families only)


CLASS DUES (for students grade 6 -12th)

TECHNOLOGY FEES                                                





*Robinson Alumni can take advantage of our Legacy Discount. Pay $500.00 instead of $1,500 on the Entrance Fee

New Millennium Fund per student:

PPK . $500.00 per child upon enrollment
PK . $ 750.00 per child upon enrollment
K . $ 1,000 per child payable $750 upon enrollment and $250 on Nov 1
1st–12th grade . $1,250 per child payable $750 upon enrollment and $500 on Nov 1

For families with more than two kids, the maximum amount per family is $2,500.

* Registration fees include one yearbook per family and the PTO organization fee.

The School cannot guarantee a place for students until they are fully registered and all fees are paid. Please understand that because many grades are full of many candidates applying for admissions, priority in enrollment will be given to students who have paid required fees and are up to date on tuition payments. If the payment of all the school fees due on or before August 1, 2020, is not received by the first day of school, students will not be allowed to attend classes until such assessment is paid in full.

• Tuition is paid on annual basis. To facilitate the finances of some parents, we are making available three additional modes of payment. When a semi-annual or monthly mode of payment is chosen, payments are due on the first day of the month due. A service charge of $25.00 will be added to all tuition payments received after the 10th day of the month due. If payment is not received by the 20th day of the month due, student will not be permitted to enter the classroom until full payment of the amount in arrears is paid. Students in grades 7th through 12th will not be allowed to take the Quarterly or Final examinations if payment is not received before the date of the exams. If payment is not received by the 30th of the month due, student will be dropped from the School roles. Emphasis on these standards is of great importance for the well being of the School, and the policy will be strictly enforced.

• Partial months attended by students shall be paid as full months. If a student withdraws, reimbursement will be made for month or period pre-paid in which the student will not be attending classes from the day parents officially notifies the School of the withdrawal.

For families with more than one child attending School at Robinson, the following tuition discounts will apply:

  • Second child 10% discount
  • Third child 20% discount
  • Fourth or more 30% discount

CAVEAT: The oldest child or the one attending the Pathways Program will be considered the first student.

• All payments made at the Business Office will be made by Check, certified check, ATM or money orders. For payments made by VISA or Master Card you should pay online through the payment portal. Wire Transfers and Direct Debits are available too – contact the Business Office. Payments in cash will not be accepted.

• Students whose accounts are in arrears will not be permitted to attend classes at the beginning of the new academic year until all obligations are paid in full.

• If the bank returns a payment check, payment will be considered as in arrears. Returned checks will not be re-deposited and the debt must be paid within the next 7 calendar days, including a $100 returned check fee. After the 7 calendar days, if the payment in full is not received, students will not be allowed to attend classes. The payment by check privilege will not be available after one returned check, parents will be required to make further payments by Certified Check, Money Order or accepted credit card only.

Families with payments in arrears will be subject to one or more of the following:
• Report Cards and Transcripts withheld.
• Students in grades 7th through 12th will not be allowed to take Quarterly or Final examinations.
• Students may be denied re-admission.
• An arrears report forwarded to Credit Bureaus.
• Legal procedures for collection of debt.
• Payment plan at the discretion of the School only.

Any returning family that has been absent from the School for a period of three (3) years or more shall be considered a new family and will be required to pay all fees as a new family.

The following are the only modes of payment for tuition:


Annual: 15,295 | Semi-annual: 8,030 | 10 Months: 1,680


Annual: 7,260 | Semi-annual: 3,805 | 10 Months: 805


Annual: 8,475 | Semi-annual: 4,470 | 10 Months: 940


Annual: 9,640 | Semi-annual: 5,100 | 10 Months: 1,070


Annual: 10,845 | Semi-annual: 5,685 | 10 Months: 1,195

2nd - 3rd

Annual: 11,445 | Semi-annual: 5,990 | 10 Months: 1,260

4th - 6th

Annual: 11,715 | Semi-annual: 6,120 | 10 Months: 1,280

7th - 8th

Annual: 11,995 | Semi-annual: 6,260 | 10 Months: 1,320

9th - 10th

Annual: 12,255 | Semi-annual: 6,400 | 10 Months: 1,360

11th - 12th

Annual: 12,915 | Semi-annual: 6,735 | 10 Months: 1,435

10 Monthly payments are due the 1st day of:
July, August, September, October, November,
December, January, February, March, April

Semi-annual payments are due the 1st day of:
July, December

Annual payments are due on July 1, 2020

• Parents who choose the Annual or Semi-annual mode of payment and do not comply with the due date, will be placed automatically in the monthly mode after 15 days in arrears and will abide by the monthly rates for the remainder of the School year.

• Families receiving financial aid are required to pay on the monthly mode only. If payments are in arrears for two consecutive months, the School reserves the right to withdraw the financial aid and regular rates will apply for the remainder of the School year.

• Parents applying for financial aid will notify their intention to the Admission Office upon enrollment. All forms completed with all written requirements including 2019 tax return are due in the Admission Office no later than the March 31, 2020. There will be no exceptions.

• In the event that a family is unable to meet the selected payment plan, it is the family’s responsibility to contact the Business Office immediately to restructure payment alternatives.