The Class of 2021 celebrated their Ring Ceremony.  A special occasion in the lives of our seniors students as they made the commitment of exemplifying the virtues for which Robinson School stands: academic excellence, Christian values, honor and justice.  In one year, this fine group of young men and women will be graduating; embarking on a new chapter of their lives.  May the commitment they accepted guide them throughout their Senior year and future. 

Distinguished Class of 2021 

Jorge Aguayo Beltrán 

Valeria Aisa Cano 

Carlos Alomar Morales 

Alex Báez Díaz 

Grace Ballagas Miranda 

Jean Paul Blanché Adán 

Alejandro Blasini Frontera 

Gustavo Cabrer Viejo 

Iván Colón Bermúdez 

Onel Colón Díaz 

Jaxon Connell 

Hunter Cooke 

Camila Cora Lecleres 

Charlene Crespo Santiago 

Eduardo De La Cruz Dueñas 

Larry Delgado Delgado 

José Estrada Carattini 

Enrique Garrido Matanzo 

Briana Girald Baron 

Gustavo Gómez Lorenzi 

Francisco González Gutiérrez 

Paola Hernández Vázquez 

Rafael Iglesias Santana 

Miguel Maldonado Vázquez 

Louis Markopolos 

Harry Markopolos 

Fernando Marqués Archilla 

Jaden Marshall 

Valeria Mattei Fleming 

Mario Medina Cody 

Lucas Melero Bonnín 

Yinelis Morales Arocho 

Enrique Muchacho Bengoa 

Tatiana Mulero Sánchez 

Miguel Ortiz Barceló 

Jorge Pi Rivera 

Camille Prats Vega 

Camila Ramírez Colón  

Victoria Rivera Nazario

Paola Rivera Torres  

Francisco Roca Cruz 

Yaneliz Rojas Urrutia 

Ramón Rullán Torres 

Jaime Salellas González 

Andrea Sánchez Figueroa 

Giuliana Sanguineti Lozada 

Isabella Santos Rodríguez 

Vincent Schroder Otero 

Gustavo Serrano Alicea 

Thomas Soltero Brito 

Nadina Terrassa Morales 

José Terrassa Morales 

Christopher Thillet Facundo 

Nicholas Thomas Magriña 

Natalia Thurman Ríos 

Giulianna Thurman Ríos 

Edwin Torres Manzano 

Dylan Vélez Estremera 

Ricardo Volckers Rexach 

Welcome Address 

by: Camila Ramírez, Class President


Symbolism of Class Logo 

by: Jaden Marshall, Designer

The class logo is composed of different symbols.  Each one of them with a special meaning to the students. 

  1. Globe and puzzle pieces- Within the center of the design, you can see the globe to represent the different nationalities within the class. Alongside the globe, puzzle pieces are placed to show how each student is an important part of the whole and it is not complete without one of the pieces.  
  1. Pencil – a pencil is placed on the left side to represent students’ academic achievements and their successes.  
  1. Hibiscus Flower – The hibiscus flower represents the beautiful flora & fauna of Puerto Rico.  
  1. Puerto Rican Flag – Within the “I” of “seniors”, is the flag of Puerto Rico and is apparent due to it being home to the class.  
  1. Taino symbol – Next, the “0” within “2021” is a Taino symbol that symbolizes transformation to represent the transformations to come as students enter their senior year and after.  

Ultimately each symbol together represents Robinsons school and the lessons given to the students by being global citizens, but also share their culture and beliefs with others and understand that their differences make them stronger and better.  It is with great pride that the students present to the school community the logo of the Class of 2021. 

Symbolism of the Ring 

For the class of 2021 the ring symbolizes the never-ending cycles of life. They will soon finish one cycle and begin another. The ring is made of gold, a precious metal that symbolizes the valuable times they have spent together and the friendships they have made.  

The hawk, our school mascot, is there to remind students that when they think they have flown to the highest level they should always try to fly higher. The blue stone is a symbol of the courage they will need to reach all of their future goals.   

The school shield on the side of the ring is composed of four symbols: a book that represents the academic knowledge acquired in Robinson; a cross which symbolizes the Christian values through which students have been raised; the hawk represents sportsmanship and La Garita which symbolizes our culture, heritage and our island, Puerto Rico. On the other side of the ring each student has a design of their choice that reflects their individuality. The name of Robinson School is engraved around the stone combining courage, guidance, support, and individuality through the education students have received at this fine institution.  

Furthermore, for the members of this class the ring symbolizes unity. They will always be united as one, the Robinson School Class of 2021, and the ring will always remind them of that, no matter where they go. They are proud to be part of the Robinson School family.  

Blessing of Rings 

by: Charlotte Maltés, School Chaplain

Head of School Address 

by: Cindy Ogg, Head of School

Ring Presentation 

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