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Anya Belaval
October 25, 2018

MSA Update

Anya Belaval
September 21, 2016

Power Outage Update

Anya Belaval
April 7, 2016

DVICIO visits Robinson!

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Janice Tirado – Robinson Mom

“With an IB education I am 100% confident that my son will get into any college he applies. We’re creating entrepreneurs, leaders, critical thinkers, analysts, researchers. Kids who love school continue on to college, to their master’s degree and to their PhD!”

IMG_6665 (1200×800)

Nashaly Ortega – 11th Grade Scholarship Recipient

“Being here is an opportunity to grow as an individual. I’m able to reach my full potential while creating new routines and friends along the way.”

IMG_6946 (1200×757)

Jesenia Díaz – 3rd Grade Pathways Teacher

“We have an IB program, a Pathways Program designed to prepare students for the regular program, and so many extracurricular activities. We are a school that is not only rich in resources and student opportunities, but we also have a beautiful campus that makes our students happy and comfortable in their environment.”


Danniel Mejía – Robinson Alumni

“Robinson creates leaders. I grew in so many ways: mentally, emotionally, artistically… I am capable of managing many projects at once thanks to the discipline and organization skills I developed here.”

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