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Robinson School seeks to challenge each student’s potential. Our goal is to instill a sense of self-worth through recognition of each person’s unique talents and abilities.

We offer students from preschool through twelfth grade a college preparatory program with a Regular, Honors and Advanced Placement curriculum. Special accommodations for students diagnosed with mild, language-based learning disabilities are also provided.

We also embrace the fact that each child has a unique learning style. Our program facilitates the process of partial and complete mainstreaming into our Regular program. Simultaneously, our curriculum allows for the possibility of reverse mainstreaming of our Regular program students.

These students may need temporary special accommodations within a specific academic area. Our curriculum is carefully framed to provide opportunities for children to develop their physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive skills in a developmentally appropriate environment.

We sincerely believe that an integral part of our students’ education is learning the importance of giving back to the community. Therefore, our students perform many hours of community service, through formal programs, as well as informally by helping those in need. We work with a variety of organizations to bring people onto our campus and offer our facilities to those serving the Condado community.

Our goals ensure not only student success today but the stability and future success of Puerto Rico.

Our Goals

• Provide students with a challenging curriculum designed to develop their intellectual powers.

• Help students develop habits of industry and thoroughness and a desire for knowledge.

• Offer students the opportunity to learn and play in a diverse school community, so that they will be prepared to be leaders in a society where different races, cultures, and classes live and work together in harmony.

• Guide students’ attitudes toward all people so that their actions reflect understanding and respect, and their behavior shows honesty, decency, and a sense of duty.

• Develop both leadership and cooperation by giving opportunities in all facets of school life for initiative and responsibility, tact and self-control.

• Encourage the care and development of the body through teaching intelligent health habits and through encouraging participation in a diversity of vigorous physical activities, many of which can be enjoyed throughout life.

• Nourish powers of appreciation and creativity, so that students may enjoy their cultural heritages and engage in works of worthwhile self-expression.

• Demonstrate the importance of spirituality in the advancement of personal and humanitarian efforts.

Through academics and outreach programs, Robinson School provides special services to those in our community. Let us help you bring to life your ideas and dreams for the next generation. For information, please contact our Chaplain, Rosangelica Acevedo at 787-999-4604.