The Robinson’s annual giving campaign calls for $400,000 in the form of endowed funds dedicated to The Robinson Annual Fund.

Gifts to The Robinson Fund provide the flexible, immediate support that helps attract and retain the best faculty and preserve our historic campus. Coordination among those who love Robinson can produce tremendous results. Each gift —no matter the size— helps. When pooled together with other contributions, every dollar makes a difference. Robinson looks to its loyal community of parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends to give its support to our outstanding teacher-coaches and promising students through The Robinson Annual Fund.

While Robinson tuition ranges from $10,290 to $23,445, the average cost of educating a Ravenscroft student is much higher. We are eternally grateful for parents, grandparents, alumni and other donors continue investing in the future of Ravenscroft to offset the difference through philanthropic efforts like Ravenscroft Annual Fund and Endowments.
If we believe in Gilman’s capacity to change lives, we must be courageous ourselves and invest to ensure boys who will thrive here are able to choose this path—and that all Gilman boys benefit from being part of a community driven by aspiration and inspiration.This is a critical component of our strategy to cover increasing financial aid needs while keeping the tuition growth curve under control.

The Robinson Fund

Goal: X Million by January 2019

Support professional development and classroom renovations

Investing in teachers is an investment in our community, an investment in our students, an investment in the future of Robinson.

The best teachers perceive what a student is capable of, even before his parents might. What they do with that information in the moment, and how we empower them to do what they do, makes an immediate and lasting difference to students.

These “teaching moments” are the heart of a Robinson education. When we invest in teachers, we recognize and strengthen their direct influence on the children and young adult they teach, coach, and mentor throughout every school day and beyond.

Our teachers know how students learn, and they nurture amazing progress in the classroom. When coaching and other out-of-class mentoring time commitments are factored in, Robinson teachers return more value than we can measure. The actual cost of educating a Robinson student is much higher than what tuition covers. We strive to close the gap between tuition revenue and the actual cost to educate each student.

The campaign calls for an investment of X million in funds that will assist with recruiting, retaining, and helping superb teachers grow. It will financially aid professional development and continuing education (with all the cost that come with it like flights, hotel, food), will provide tuition reimbursement for teachers that have not yet received an advanced degree and decide to enroll, and provide state-of-the-art technology and instructional materials because we understand that on-going classroom renovations ensure we are always on the cutting edge of education.
An endowed faculty and staff appreciation fund to annually reward Gilman’s talented faculty and staff for a job well done.