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For more than twenty five years, Robinson School’s Pathways Program has been an academic pioneer by providing the best possible instruction to students with mild language-based learning differences. We provide dynamic instruction consistent with the knowledge that each child’s learning process is as unique and special as the child himself.


Our new Pathways program is designed to facilitate effective learning through strong academics, a low student-teacher ratio, educating the student about his or her own learning style, and creating an instructional environment where students feel safe and competent. Student’s strengths are continually developed, while they receive appropriate academic instruction and curricular accommodations according to their needs. The Pathways program is specially intended for students who have been diagnosed with mild learning differences. All programs are geared towards the student’s integration into our traditional program.

The Landmark Outreach Program, which works in conjunction with Landmark School in Massachusetts, is an internationally renowned program in the field of learning disabilities. This program offers comprehensive professional development for teachers working with children who possess language-based learning differences.

Robinson School, in its quest for educational excellence, has joined forces with the Landmark Outreach Program in order to enhance its Pathways Program. Since August 2007, Robinson School’s faculty has been participating in workshops and seminars to develop instructional strategies and techniques that will help students learn more effectively, according to their educational needs. Our aim is to make the Pathways Program stronger through a learner-centered curriculum and a systematic, skill based, instruction that will empower students to discover new and exciting ways to learn and help them reach their own potential.

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Mari Tere Larrieu
Pathways Supervisor

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