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In 1984, Robinson School received a $500,000 grant from the National Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church for the establishment of a Learning Center (LC) designed to help emotionally-sound elementary and middle school students with normal to superior intellectual ability, who were not able to excel in a regular school because of developmental delays in perception and/or motor functions. Robinson School identified the need to develop a Junior High School curriculum in 1993. Once it had acquired the proper accreditation, the Learning Center was authorized to provide its students with a 9th Grade diploma. In 1995, the Learning Center expanded its secondary school program, developing a curriculum for grades 10 through 12. Robinson School graduated its first Learning Center Senior class in 1998. All four (4) students were successfully accepted to accredited universities in Puerto Rico and the United States.

To commemorate its 25th Anniversary, the Learning Center was renamed Pathways Program. Throughout the years, the program has evolved into a unique educational alternative for students with specific learning disabilities. This program emphasizes skill development in major academic areas through appropriate, effective accommodations and teaching techniques.

Today, Pathways caters to the needs of over 150 students. Our primary goal is to mainstream our students so that they are able to achieve success in a traditional school setting as well as in a post-secondary institution. In order to provide our students with a high quality education and better serve them with the best teaching practices, Robinson School has developed a partnership with Landmark schools.