You want the best for your child, particularly when deciding which college he will attend. When you consider that a college education is the second most expensive purchase most people will make in their life, finding the best college for your child is especially important. But how do you decide which college is best for your child?

One way to help him find the best college is to work with your college counselor. The Robinson School College Counseling office can work with your child by:

• Partnering with you and your child to provide personalized advice on how to find the best college.
• Helping your child find the best college by evaluating his educational, personal and extracurricular background.
• Talking with you and your child without preconceived ideas of what the best college might be.
• Listening to what your child wants from his college experience. We then help your child find colleges that best fit his needs.
• Working with students to prepare an application that highlights their interests and talents.
• Helping suggest essay topics and edit these while ensuring that the student’s voice comes through.

We begin the college planning process as soon as your child enters Middle School. Join us for a special parent workshop each Fall that will outline the admissions process, what the important considerations are for your child at this point in time, how to arrange college visits, plan strategically to gain admissions into the college of your choice and basic financial planning.

This is a critical time in the college planning process. Join us for planning sessions to help you become acquainted with the review process, grades, testing, letters of recommendation and service requirements.

Although we will spend a good deal of time together during the first semester, we still meet with the parents of all seniors for an overview session. Usually during our Welcome Back Night, we spend about an hour with parents to talk about the tight time lines that seniors face, how to keep their child motivated and on task and to review financial planning strategies.

The College Admissions process involves the culmination of many years of work for your child. We look forward to celebrating this time with you!