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Community service

Is one of a number of educational programs that promote learning by involving students directly in educational experiences outside the school. Community service gives students the opportunity to be involved in activities that help others. At the same time it is expected that students themselves will benefit from the experience by reflecting on it and by gaining a better understanding of people, groups and issues they work with.

Why is community service part of the school program?

Giving service to the community is an important value in our society. The Community Service Program better connects young people to their communities and develops an ethos of service. Research has shown that community service activities have the potential to benefit students, the school and the community in important ways.

We believe that our service-learning programs:

• have a positive effect on students’ personal development
• reduce the likelihood of students engaging in risky behavior
• have a positive effect on students’ interpersonal development and ability to relate to diverse groups
• help develop students’ sense of civic responsibility and their citizenship skills
• help students link academic skills to real life situations
• help to make students more engaged in their studies and more motivated to learn
• help students to become more knowledgeable and realistic about careers
• increase mutual respect between students and those with whom they work and serve
• lead to more positive perceptions of schools and youth on the part of community members

At Robinson

The Spiritual Life Department oversees the Community Service Program. Although we encourage service from our elementary school students, the school places no requirements on them. Beginning in Middle School, students are expected to perform a specific amount of documented service hours. During grades seven and eight, we offer opportunities for students to earn their hours with their peers. Special activities, like beach cleaning, working at Bill’s Soup Kitchen or participating in the Breast Cancer Walk let students work in teams to complete their hours. When working in a group, middle school students feel safer and are more willing to participate in new activities.
In Upper School, students are able to choose from a wider variety of activities that may be done alone or in groups. We find that the more students engage in service projects, the more they look forward to future participation.

Robinson Requirements

We have an incremental increase in the amount of hours expected for our students based on grade levels.

Grade         Hours
Level       Required

Seventh          5
Eighth           10
Ninth            15
Tenth            20
Eleventh       20
Twelfth         20

Students are required to submit documentation of their service on the Robinson Form. All records will be kept in our Chaplain’s office and updates will be provided to parents during Parent Teacher Student Conferences.

infoDownload the Community Service Form