For the past years, environments under the mentorship of accomplished professionals will allow our graduating class to identify their strengths and passions through applied learning. They will also gain that invaluable sense of achievement that comes from contributing to an organization’s success, whether in hospitals, laboratories, businesses, non-profit agencies or schools.  Ultimately, the internship will help them make better informed decisions about their future course of study and career goals.


-Internship Program Agreement completed (Available on this page’s sidebar)
-Internship Program Assistance Sheet completed (Available on this page’s sidebar)
-Intern Evaluation completed (Available on this page’s sidebar)
-Daily journal, blog or final essay of your experience
-Final presentation (Guidelines available on this page’s sidebar)

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The Robinson School Senior Internship Program has been integrated into the curriculum as a prerequisite for graduation. Therefore, students must successfully engage to complete the program’s requirements by serving as non-paid interns for approximately two weeks (a total of 40 hours) under the supervision of a mentor. Supervising mentors will define how the student can best contribute to their organization, and students will report to their mentors. This experience will allow seniors to gain an understanding of work environments, the educational requirements and skills required by the field, and the responsibilities that comprise these careers. Students are not considered employees at their internship sites. Therefore, they are not covered by worker’s compensation or entitled to any company benefits payment. Confidentiality and professional ethics are major components of this internship program. Additional objectives include developing critical thinking, enhancing communication skills, acquiring problem-solving skills, and fostering teamwork.

We count on the Robinson community and the community at large to provide internship opportunities for our Seniors. Mentoring a student is not only rewarding, but it also allows individuals and companies to impact the future by shaping the next generation’s professionals. Should you have any questions or are interested in participating in our program, please feel free to contact me at


Beatriz Guzmán
College Counselor