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Sustainability as a Value

Sustainability as an educational approach aims to develop students with the values and the motivation to act towards a sustainable World, both in their personal lives and their communities. As part of our mission, Robinson School fosters a sense of respect for the World in which we live and the understanding of our shared responsibility in ensuring its longevity for future generations. Robinson believes in building knowledge and awareness of sustainability issues, while developing thinking skills and providing students with the educational tools and environment from which to develop innovative solutions towards a more sustainable way of life. 

Students enjoy many opportunities to integrate the principles of sustainability in courses like: STEM, Arts, Health, Social Studies, Marketing, and Economics. They are also presented with environmentally oriented opportunities such as clubs and electives, field trips, guest speakers, and service learning and leadership. 

Three Robinson School preschool students help take care of their classroom gardens.

Students learn sustainability at Robinson through experiences, such as:


Awareness & Use

Water Quality Research




Edible Gardens

A garden provides learning opportunities that allow for the study of life and provides a foundation for understanding the principles of birth, growth, maturity, death, competition, cooperation and many other lessons that transfer to human life. It also provides hands-on learning experiences that complement lessons about plants, nutrition, and insect life cycles along with experiential activities.

Our gardens strengthen ties between school and community by offering opportunities for community members to get involved and connect children with older generations. They also foster a culture of environmental stewardship by providing students with a close-up look at natural processes and living organisms that thrive in these environments. By learning to care for a living ecosystem, children develop an understanding of nature’s importance in their lives and lives of others. 


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