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Creating the Future: One Thought, One Action, One Leader at a Time.

Welcome to Robinson! As San Juan’s only International Baccalaureate World School, we prepare students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success at school, in college and university study, and well beyond by encouraging creativity, critical thinking and an independent quest for knowledge. We offer leading-quality educational programs, innovative instructional practices, and a comprehensive curriculum within a diverse community of learners of more than 600 students and approximately 100 instructional staff. Developing students as flexible thinkers and engaged, responsible citizens and leaders since our founding in 1902, we are an authorized International Baccalaureate World School and certified as a Microsoft Showcase School. Learn more of what sets us apart.

Our comprehensive curriculum is the foundation upon which each student’s educational program and school experience is built. Robinson’s curriculum is designed to engage students in holistic, interdisciplinary development, and expands upon national academic standards while integrating research-based best practices in education. Robinson’s curriculum undergoes a continual process of review and revision by teachers and content specialists to meet the needs of each student. Students develop the skills necessary to thrive in college and beyond.

Robinson invests significantly in the continual professional learning and growth of an exceptional faculty and staff as a means to ensure the success of each student in our care. School leaders, instructional coaches and program coordinators work with teachers to identify, develop, implement and reflect upon professional development offerings on an ongoing basis with the express goal of improving student performance. Robinson School provides opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in and lead local, national and international level professional development conferences, workshops and training events across all areas. The School maintains a network of nationally recognized professional learning contacts, facilitators and thought-leaders who support the ongoing development of faculty and staff both on-site and virtually.

Student success in the 21st century begins with a school culture and community committed to the tools and skills of the future. As a Microsoft Showcase School, Robinson firmly believes in the power of technology to extend and transform teaching and learning. Robinson School students participate in the Bring Your Own Device program beginning in 4th grade and all teachers and classrooms are equipped with the tools and technology that allow both the on-campus classroom and the virtual one to be a place where learning, collaboration and engagement thrive. The School’s ongoing investments in education technology and infrastructure set us apart as a leader amongst K-12 schools and colleges and universities in Puerto Rico.

Equipping teachers with quality materials and resources that support a highly effective, innovative instructional program is another pillar of Robinson’s program of excellence. We use a comprehensive process of research and review when selecting instructional materials for grade levels, courses and programs. Teachers, instructional coaches and school administrators all have a significant role in the review and adoption of resources used in our learning spaces. Robinson blends the historical elements and architectural gems of its 120 year history with contemporary learning spaces, labs, studios and community areas that support the needs of every student. Every classroom is renovated, most recently (summer 2020) with the addition of new furniture from Steelcase and Smith Systems that further contribute to our dynamic, student centered programs and approaches.

Aligned to authentically measure student development and progress, meaningful assessment serves a key function in Robinson’s comprehensive curriculum offerings. We monitor learning outcomes continually through a variety of measures, including teacher-designed assessment, school-designed evaluation tools, criterion-referenced assessment, nationally standardized growth assessments, as well as through the PSAT, SAT, ACT and AP/College Board examinations. Students participating in IB Diploma Programme courses complete internationally standardized exams at the conclusion of their course of study in pursuit of College/University credit and recognition.

Robinson develops learners
and citizens who are:

Robinson students value their education and own their quest for knowledge and understanding.

Robinson students understand themselves and their world. They articulate themselves with purpose, respect, and compassion.

Robinson students are curious and motivated explorers – whether through questions and discussion in the classroom or experiences outside of school, they strive to understand and connect their learning with the real world.

Robinson students are creative, flexible, and critical thinkers.

Robinson students embrace opportunities to move beyond their comfort zones, imagine new possibilities, and challenge themselves to succeed.

Robinson students understand the need to balance academic needs with passion-based pursuits and personal and family needs.

Robinson students embrace diversity and share a mutual respect and understanding for the story and perspective of each person in order to broaden understanding and solve problems.

Robinson students are aware of their world and act in the service of others. 

Robinson students take time to learn and grow from each opportunity and challenge they encounter.

Robinson students think and act ethically, with integrity and personal responsibility. They are internationally-minded and exhibit the principles of leadership and character necessary for a 21st century global society.