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Janice González

Early Childhood Division Head

Playing is the first step to learning.

Our Toddler House is an educational daycare, housed in a beautiful and modern facility. Its open spaces entice children to explore and discover. These are equipped with manipulatives and toys that spark interest and curiosity among the children.

The program offers breakfast, snack, and lunch that are prepared on site, and in accordance to age-appropriate nutritional guidelines. The House has a kitchen, full bathrooms, gym areas, and an outdoor playground, with a roof covered terrace. Our team of caring, nurturing teachers are all highly qualified in child development.

They LOVE working with toddlers – and it shows! They offer the children activities that stimulate their senses and developmentally appropriate skills, following NAEYC guidelines (National Association of Education of Young Children).

Throughout the year, different cultural activities are celebrated, as well. The children have a schedule which includes crafts, read aloud time, songs and rhymes, gross and fine motor development, and a nap time. We encourage parent participation as much as possible (Week of the Young Child, Grandparents’ Day, Spirit Week, among others).

The combination of the educational program with the monthly events keep the children enthused about learning. English is the main language of instruction, but both Spanish and English are used. We love our cultural diversity, as we have families from different parts of the world! These all enrich our program! We are certain that your child would be very happy here at the House! Join our family! The Toddler House awaits you!

In 2018, Robinson School received the Early Childhood Education Program of Distinction Award by the Middle States Association. Our Toddler teachers are certified in early childhood development, therefore they are well prepared with the skills necessary to help cultivate healthy growth in children, shaping their lives and the communities that they live in.


The Toddler House is a safe, warm, and modern space equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to set them on a path toward academic and career excellence. Indoor and outdoor play areas ensure that fun and learning always go hand in hand. Multi-use spaces designed for developmentally appropriate activities strengthen a variety of essential physical, social and emotional skills.

All of the physical spaces and activities are structured to develop 21st century cognitive thinking and problem solving skills through discovery learning, the latest pedagogical approach to early childhood development.

This exciting and unique learning environment encourages even the youngest students to take responsibility of their own learning, establish personal values and apply critical thinking skills creatively—all of which are indicators of future success.

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