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College Counseling​

Daymar Otero

College Counselor

Dedicated to the future of each student.​

Welcome to the College Counseling Office! At Robinson School, the College Counseling Office dedicates itself, along with school leaders and teachers, to guiding and supporting students throughout the college decision making and application process. The College Guidance process is highly individualized, and Robinson College Counseling staff partner with students and families to ensure each student is successful in researching and applying to the best colleges and universities that align with their goals and plans. We know our students. We know the process. We are committed in our support to our families all along the way as they make this important decision in the life of each child.

  • To provide a supportive environment where students learn to identify their goals interests, academic strengths, and passions to make strong and confident decisions about higher education and life beyond.  
  • To educate, counsel, guide, support, and advocate for students (and their families) throughout the college process, by assisting them in understanding the admission process and decision- making process.  

Our dedicated, highly experienced team prepares a plan for and supports each student in:

  • Developing a deep understanding of themselves, their strengths and challenges, passions and interests, and goals for the future.
  • Understanding the strengths of their academic profile and student resume and targeting the college search to meet the needs of each student.
  • Researching the full range of college and university options that may interest the student – local, US and international post-secondary institutions
  • Providing consultation, resources, communication, and connections to students and families throughout the college application process.
  • Deciding where to apply and providing strategies in evaluating which college or university to attend.
  • Preparing, reviewing, and finalizing all aspects of the college application process: application documents, forms, essays, resume, references, financial aid documents, and interview preparation, among others.

  9th Grade – Advisory

  • Advisory – Students complete career inventories
  • Advisory – Study and organizational skills
  • Guest Speakers, Experiential Opportunities and Virtual Field Trips
  • Service Learning Experiences and begin Student Resume
  • Begin to curate visual and performing art portfolios
  • Student athletes begin recording practice and competition highlight
  • PSAT 8/9 Examination

  10th Grade – College Counseling

  • PSAT Examination
  • Initial individual advising sessions with College Guidance Counselor
  • Attend College Fairs and College Visits at Robinson
  • Academic Selection Process for 11th and 12th Grade courses and Personal College Search Inventory
  • Prospective DP Students identify DP examination credit requirements for colleges and universities
  • Curate Visual and Performing Arts portfolio content
  • Student-athletes record practice and competition highlights
  • Service Learning and Leadership Experiences

 11th Grade – College Counseling

  • PSAT NMSQT Examination
  • Take SAT, ACT and/or PR College Board Examinations
  • Review for and take AP Exams
  • Attend College Fairs and College Visits at Robinson
  • Attend College Fairs – Local (PR) and Virtual, as offered. Meet and connect with Admissions representatives.
  • Attend Coffee Times:
    • Junior Parents
    • FAFSA
  • Continue Individual advising sessions with College Guidance Counselor – Review academic profile, PSAT Scores, confirm SAT/ACT/PR College Board tests are scheduled, and develop your college list.
  • College Guidance Group Sessions
    • Take Career Inventory
    • Update Student Resume
    • Begin College Essay Writing Process
    • Introduce Career Internship requirements
  • Schedule college visits during school breaks, spring break and other school vacations
  • Student Athletes – Register for the NCAA
  • Curate Visual and Performing Arts portfolio content
  • Student-athletes record practice and competition highlights
  • Service Learning and Leadership Experiences

 12th Grade – College Counseling

  • Take SAT or ACT
  • Review for and take AP and DP exams
  • Service Learning and Leadership Experiences
  • Individual and group advising sessions continue – Develop college applications, refine college essays, finalize college list, guide and conduct mock interviews
  • Attend Coffee Times:
    • FAFSA
    • Senior Parent Coffee Time
  • Attend College Fairs and College Visits at Robinson. Meet and connect with Admissions representatives
  • Attend College Fairs – Local (PR) and Virtual, as offered. Meet and connect with Admissions representatives
  • Request recommendation letters (August-October)
  • Decide on Early Decision and Early Action applications – note deadlines
  • Await admissions decisions
  • Meeting with College Counselor to review deferral or waitlist notification to optimize chances of acceptance
  • Meet with College Counselor to review financial packages and learn about process for appealing the financial offer, if necessary
  • Choose your college or university (and CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS!)

Each Robinson graduate is their own success story. We look beyond standardized test scores and GPA and share tremendous pride in the personal growth and achievement of each student along their Robinson journey. Each year Robinson celebrates the impressive achievements earned by its graduating class – our students are accepted at top-ranked colleges and universities around the world and earn millions of dollars in scholarships and financial awards towards their attendance each year. Most importantly, they are happy, eager, and ready to succeed in their next phase of life. Go Hawks!

Robinson graduates are:

Robinson students value their education and own their quest for knowledge and understanding.

Robinson students understand themselves and their world. They articulate themselves with purpose, respect, and compassion.

Robinson students are curious and motivated explorers – whether through questions and discussion in the classroom or experiences outside of school, they strive to understand and connect their learning with the real world.

Robinson students are creative, flexible, and critical thinkers.

Robinson students embrace opportunities to move beyond their comfort zones, imagine new possibilities, and challenge themselves to succeed.

Robinson students understand the need to balance academic needs with passion-based pursuits and personal and family needs.

Robinson students embrace diversity and share a mutual respect and understanding for the story and perspective of each person in order to broaden understanding and solve problems.

Robinson students are aware of their world and act in the service of others. 

Robinson students take time to learn and grow from each opportunity and challenge they encounter.

Robinson students think and act ethically, with integrity and personal responsibility. They are internationally-minded and exhibit the principles of leadership and character necessary for a 21st century global society.

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