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Arts & STEM in Upper School

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Arts and STEM are key components of our educational program. Our goal is to provide to our students opportunities to develop critical thinking, technical, problem solving, motor and communication skills; as well as the knowledge and creativity to be better world citizens. Students develop a lens through which they can critically view and understand the interconnected and multicultural nature of their world and develop the skills to identify and solve complex problems from a position of empathy and understanding.  

Whether a budding artist, inventor, or tinkerer, or from a more skilled position or advanced base of knowledge, our programs provide students with extensive opportunities to expertly showcase their skills and prepare them for their future. The skills learned throughout our programs make our students expert communicators that are capable to think, connect, and act.


Students and professors crouched over computers within the Innovation Laboratory.

Innovation Lab

Edible Garden

A Robinson Scholl senior stands with their back facing the camera while they admire the current art exposition in the auditorium.

Art Exhibitons

Performing Arts

Illustrating the Caribbean Nature 494 years Later after
Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo Chronicles

Arts and STEM in Upper School

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