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Spiritual Life

School ChaplainJustin Colón smiling while wearing a plaid red and blue shirt, with the front of Robinson School behind him.

Justin Colón

School Chaplain

Spiritual Life at Robinson School

Robinson School is an institution founded on Christian principles, born from its covenant relationship with the Methodist Church. Robinson School serves students and the community as a place for all to develop and flourish spiritually, ethically, and socially. The School’s core values keep our school community strong and united, and embracing our identity means upholding these values from the Christian Worldview as defined by the Bible.

Christian Ethos

Robinson School is an inclusive and welcoming community where individuals are valued, relationships are cherished, respect for oneself and one-another is constant, and where excellence in its widest sense is pursued in all areas.

As a school founded in Christian values, Robinson is a community where:

  • Every person is created and loved infinitely by God.
  • Each student is treated with respect; mutual respect and support is fostered among all staff and students.
  • Each student is helped to realize their full potential as part of academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Creativity, self-discipline, and critical enquiry are encouraged in the search for truth.
  • Personal development is guided by a vision of Christian discipleship.
  • Every person is committed to an education of highest standard.
  • Our community is open, inclusive, and reflective, offering opportunities of mutual enrichment through teamwork and learning through differences.
  • Each person’s voice is honored. Each person is heard and supported.
  • Pastoral care is a hallmark of the school’s approach to students, staff and their families.
  • Our community is just and fair, shaped by Christian values derived from the teachings of Jesus.
  • Whole school worship and worship in smaller groups have a central place in School life.
  • Our community is welcoming to all persons of other faith traditions
  • Spiritual Life education is a core component of the School’s academic program at all levels.
  • The Chaplain is accessible as a resource to all members of the School community.
  • Students are active citizens, looking outwards to the local and wider communities.
  • Students develop awareness of personal and collective responsibility for the environment.
  • Students are educated about their role as agents of positive social and political change.
  • Our community is committed to equality and peace for all people, continually striving to be advocates of positive change against discrimination and prejudice.
  • Students develop as responsible citizens in a contemporary society through a high-quality education.
  • Students are leaders through the Christian vocation of service to others. 
  • Students make a positive difference through practical volunteer experience in local communities.
  • Students develop their personal faith, which serves to nourish their integrity and as a secure guide in a rapidly changing world.
  • Students understand the significance of mutual trust and support in families, friendship groups, and in groups with a common interest.

Living life embracing these values means embracing our own God given calling, purpose, and design.

Spiritual Life Department

The Department’s main goal is to guide the students through their journey by facilitating the tools necessary to develop character and grow in their convictions while discovering what it means to love God, themselves, and others. Our goal is not for them to just know these things, but we want to create opportunities for the students to put faith and love into action and to help them become caring and compassionate citizens.

We also work in accordance with and to support the IB programs by providing another platform and perspective for the students to develop and grow in the qualities described by the IB learner profile.

We provide educational experiences and activities to bring mind, heart, intellect, and passion together for students to grow in their spiritual walk. We aim to teach love, compassion, open-mindedness, forgiveness, humility, empathy, humanity, selflessness, and respect; values we hold as reflective of Christianity.

These objectives are achieved through learning experiences, such as:

Chapel Program

Chapel is a vibrant component of Spiritual Life on campus. It is a special time deliberately set apart from classes to refresh, renew, and revitalize the spiritual lives of our campus family. The Spiritual Life department strives to create authentic, dynamic worship services that address real problems in practical ways to help students walk continually closer with God.

Spiritual Life Class

Within spiritual formation courses students learn academic content, formational experiences, small-group accountability, and fellowship to help develop their relationship with God and others. Spiritual Life class strives to not only build each student’s mind, but their character. The program includes core biblical values that equip our students to live a principled life in a challenging and demanding world. Service-learning projects are a key component of the Spiritual Life program. Along with the service project, the students will engage in other topics to help them in their spiritual journey, to strengthen their character, and to understand the importance of morality and ethics in daily life.

Spiritual Life Retreats

Students grow closer with God and each other through games, small groups, sermons, and worship services both on and off campus.

Meaningful Service Learning and Leadership

Opportunities for students to engage in meaningful service to others and service leadership reinforce the objectives of the Spiritual Life program and prepare our students to lead, make sound choices and practice positive citizenship in our ever changing, multicultural world. Check out our Service Learning and Leadership Program for more information.