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Robinson Students Spearhead MUN Workshop

New MUN members from Robinson School, as well as several guests from American Military Academy, Carvin School and Commonwealth, were in attendance last Saturday, October 5th, for “MUN Training & Mock Exercise”. The day started with a visit from the …

Robinson School Edible Garden and Aquaponics Lab teaches Students Alternate Ways to Live a Sustainable Life

San Juan, Puerto Rico – For over a century, Robinson School has been on the cutting edge of education in Puerto Rico. During its 118 years, Robinson has spearheaded many educational breakthroughs while always emphasizing academic excellence, character building, positive …

College Biology Students Discuss Climate Change and Global Warming

As part of an educational awareness project for the conservation of our beaches, coasts and reefs, “Grupo Tortuguero de San Juan 7 Quillas” gave a presentation to our College Biology class on how biodiversity loss is connected to climate change …

Robinson students and staff participate in STAR Academy

Senior students, Brandon Ogg and Sara de La Torre, were selected to be part of a group of 30 elite students from over 100 applicants to participate in STAR Academy! The students will be conducting research and learning about space …


Janice Tirado – Robinson Mom

“With an IB education I am 100% confident that my son will get into any college he applies. We’re creating entrepreneurs, leaders, critical thinkers, analysts, researchers. Kids who love school continue on to college, to their master’s degree and to their PhD!”

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Nashaly Ortega – 11th Grade Scholarship Recipient

“Being here is an opportunity to grow as an individual. I’m able to reach my full potential while creating new routines and friends along the way.”

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Jesenia Díaz – 3rd Grade Pathways Teacher

“We have an IB program, a Pathways Program designed to prepare students for the regular program, and so many extracurricular activities. We are a school that is not only rich in resources and student opportunities, but we also have a beautiful campus that makes our students happy and comfortable in their environment.”

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