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ES Art Exhibition: Experiential and Creative Work in Visual Arts

Recently, our students from 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade proudly showcased their Magistral Expressions Art Exhibition as the culmination of a semester of experiential and creative work in visual arts. Experiential learning is an essential part of Robinson’s Elementary School philosophy, where students learn by doing and then reflect on their own experiences. Learning and reflecting are key components of an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program like ours.


For this exhibit, our students presented more than two hundred pieces created using different mediums and techniques, such as drawing, painting, sculptures, watercolors, and collages. First graders presented their Three Kings drawings using line patterns using an array of colors and a sunset acrylic painting. They also painted butterflies in watercolors as an expression of joy. Third graders presented landscapes created in mixed media to represent the use of two art elements – space and value. They worked hard to execute a paper mâché sculpture inspired by geometrical shapes and based on their own unique designs in their sketchbooks. Also, on a field trip to the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, they created an abstract collage that became part of the exhibition. Fifth graders created an illustration inspired by the initials of their name, called Identity Letter, where they represented their beliefs and hobbies and an abstract composition with acrylic paint. During a visit to Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, students immersed themselves in the Puerto Rico Plural Art Exhibition, creating a piece using different materials inspired by their experience.

In addition to the traditional artistic mediums, our 5th graders embraced emerging technologies during their creative process. Using computer-aided design software, our talented students created digital sculptures that were later 3D printed and presented as part of the exhibition. Our elementary school students immersed themselves in the creative and artistic process and began to develop a foundation and understanding of the application of 3D design and printing in other fields.

Students, families, and guests visited the exhibit to appreciate the work of our students first-hand. During their visits, guests expressed their appreciation for the high-quality work that the students had created. 

Airdremaliz Ortiz, Elementary School Art Teacher, shared her excitement about the exhibit and how it had been embraced by the Robinson community, stating: “Our students have worked very hard to complete each piece presented in this exhibition, not only by learning about the different techniques and mediums, but by fully embracing the artistic creation process, reflecting about it, and learning how to express themselves creatively.”

We hope you enjoyed the talent and creativity of our young artists; they made a magistral expression of their artistic abilities and voices!