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The Pathways Program at Robinson

For more than 40 years, Robinson School’s Pathways Program has been an academic pioneer in the field of teaching students with mild language-based learning differences. We provide dynamic instruction consistent with the knowledge that each child’s learning process is unique. If the Pathways Program seems like it might be a fit for your child, please contact the Admissions Office for more information.

What is the Pathways Program at Robinson?

What sets the Pathways Program apart?

Pathways in Elementary School

Robinson Elementary School is an inclusive, welcoming and safe learning environment for all students. The Pathways Program in Elementary School offers students in Grades 1-6 a complete skill-based curriculum in all subjects. Our set of courses, teaching methods, and learning strategies have been developed for elementary age students who will benefit from a very small group setting, additional organizational support, an emphasis on the teaching of reading and writing skills integrated across subjects, and the teaching of specific compensatory strategies that students will use throughout their careers as students and in their lives. All students participate in a program of “specials,” which include music, art, technology and/or STEM Lab, physical education Library and Spiritual Life. In addition, students share homeroom, break, patio and lunch with their peers, as well as join their peers throughout the school day by joining clubs, participating in school activities and becoming part of our sports teams.

Key Elements of the Elementary School Pathways Program:

Pathways in Middle School

The Pathways Program in Middle School builds upon the foundation of success students enjoyed in Elementary. The Program is designed to ensure that middle school students with learning differences experience a successful transition into Middle School and are prepared to take on the expectations of the Upper School program. Both new students and students transitioning from the Elementary Pathways program are received by a team of nurturing, highly experienced teachers who work to continue to support students as they develop and add additional compensatory resources and strategies to their “toolbox” for the future. Students work to become more independent learners, self-aware of their strengths and challenges, and advocates for their needs and goals. Students in the Pathways Program are a part of the IB Middle Years Programme at Robinson, engaging fully in the MYP required-elective courses and joining their grade levels peers as they develop and navigate their adolescent years together.

Key Elements of the Middle School Pathways Program:

Pathways in Upper School

The Pathways Program in Upper School is designed to facilitate student success through strong academics in a college preparatory learning environment. In addition to continuing the Program’s core focus on developing reading comprehension skills, writing, and note taking, the Pathways Program in Upper further emphasizes study skills, organizational skills and an array of strategies that teach students to be active learners. Students graduate from Upper School with a deep understanding of their own learning style, how best they acquire information and develop skills, and how to advocate for themselves and their learning needs once in college.

Key Elements of the Upper School Pathways Program: