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Arts & STEM in Elementary School

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Arts and STEM are key components of our educational program. Our goal is to provide our students with opportunities to develop critical thinking, technical, problem solving, motor and communication skills; as well as the knowledge and creativity to be better world citizens. Students develop a lens through which they can critically view and understand the interconnected and multicultural nature of their world and develop the skills to identify and solve complex problems from a position of empathy and understanding.  

Whether a budding artist, inventor, or tinkerer, or from a more skilled position or advanced base of knowledge, our programs provide students with extensive opportunities to introduce, develop and showcase their skills in preparation for their future. Elementary programs establish a strong foundation for students as they learn to make connections between their subjects.

Innovation Lab

Three Robinson School preschool students help take care of their classroom gardens.

Edible Garden

A group of Elementary School students stand in front of their multicolored drawings of chairs with their art teacher.

Art Exhibitons

Performing Arts

STEM Mondays:
An Introduction

Arts and STEM in Elementary School

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