Academics and Curriculum

Lower Elementary

The Primary Years Programme in Grades One through Three sets a strong foundation for success. Students develop and master fundamental skills while discovering the joy of learning. Interdisciplinary themes of the Primary Years Program are embedded across the standards and skills essential to each grade level, strengthening students’ knowledge, depth of understanding and applied learning skills. The Program Curriculum includes:

The Program Curriculum includes:

Grades 1-3: Core
Grades 1-3: Specials
  • English Language Arts / English as a Second Language
  • Physical Education
  • Mathematics – Illustrative Mathematics
  • Visual Arts
  • Spanish Language Arts / Spanish as a Second Language
  • Music
  • Science and Lab Explorations
  • Library
  • Social Studies
  • Technology
  • Spiritual Life

Students continue their mathematics learning journey with the Illustrative Mathematics Program. Illustrative Mathematics is a top-rated program that meets the needs of Robinson’s 21st century mathematics learners. (Please note: Students in Pathways may use alternate Math resources based on their unique program)  Learn more here.

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