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Academics and Curriculum

Upper Elementary

A brown haired female Elementary student wearing a headband and a yellow and blue jacket uses a magnifying glass to analyze a plant in her science class.

The Primary Years Programme in Grades Four through Six builds upon the foundation of the early years, with a focus on preparation for the transition to Middle School at Robinson. While staying true to the learning objectives, approaches and interdisciplinary units of the PYP Program of Inquiry, students transition from the self-contained method of the early grades to a more specialized schedule in certain core subjects (Math and Science). Collaborative planning by teachers within each grade level ensures the thematic units of the PYP are interwoven across all the core subject areas of the PYP. Students are challenged within a nurturing, fun learning environment with an increased focus on developing writing, communication, and research skills in preparation for the MYP Programme at Robinson. 

*Specials may vary by semester to allow students to experience a broad range of enrichment classes each year.

The Program Curriculum includes:

Grades 4-6: Core
Grades 4-6: Specials*
  • English Language Arts / English as a Second Language
  • STEM Lab
  • Mathematics – Illustrative Mathematics


  • Physical Education
  • Spanish Language Arts / Spanish as a Second Language
  • Visual Arts
  • Science and Science Lab


  • Music (Grades 4-5) Musical Theatre (Grade 6)
  • Social Studies
  • Library
  • Microsoft Skills
  • Spiritual Life

Students continue their mathematics learning journey with the Illustrative Mathematics Program. Illustrative Mathematics is a top-rated program that meets the needs of Robinson’s 21st century mathematics learners. (Please note: Students in Pathways may use alternate Math resources based on their unique program)  Learn more here.

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