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Alejandro G. Dávila Hurtado (’18)

Our alumni are leaders and Alejandro G. Dávila Hurtado is an example of that!

Alejandro (class of 2018) has always been passionate about helping the Puerto Rican community, and other minorities alike. He has been increasingly involved in developing intercultural awareness in Connecticut, where he studies.

Recently, he became part of a great initiative called La Plaza Virtual, developed through El Instituto of the University of Connecticut (CT). Through this special project, Alejandro was able to take part in the development of the Puerto Rican and Latino Studies curriculum for schools in CT. Along with professors and fellow classmates, they were all able to design syllabuses, study plans, and class lessons for students within the public school system of CT, who will now have the opportunity to take Latino and Puerto Rican studies as elective courses. Take a quick look at the project here:

Alejandro is about to complete his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Latin American Studies along with a minor in Public Policy. He is also part of the Master’s fast-track program for Public Administration and after completing his master’s degree, Alejandro is looking to pursue a Law Degree. Alejandro also just landed a job with the corporate law firm Hinckley Allen & Snyder, LLP, after completing an internship program.

Best of wishes, dear Alejandro! The sky is the limit and you will fly beyond.