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Cooking up the College Life

Diploma Program (DP) student at Robinson School, Miguel E. Maldonado Vázquez, worked on a recipe book as his creativity, activity, service (CAS) project.
This recipe book for college students is a proposed solution with easy-to-prepare delicious meals assisting them to manage a limited budget while staying healthy. Eating nutritious meals without breaking the bank is a constant challenge for college students.
College meal plan costs nearly double in 10 years. Meal plans costs from $1,190 up to $7,442 the semester. The cost depends on the college the student attends. According to the Federal Reserve, about 75% of college students use credit cards to pay for their meal plans and have an average balance of $3,173. (
Miguel will soon become a college student himself. Knowing the challenges he will face, this project reveals his analysis and reflection on how to harness his daily meals in his new college life.
“This project is a cookbook aimed at college students or those who plan to go to college and live in dorms. I named it Cook up the College Life”, he explains.
For Miguel, it was critical to share comfort food recipes that college students love to eat frequently, like Mac & Cheese and sandwiches with a healthy twist transformation.
With his creativity, activity, service (CAS) Project, Miguel put skills developed as an International Baccalaureate (IB) student at Robinson into practice to find a solution to a problem he identified. “I took a variety of simple and affordable recipes and gave students the platform to transform them.”
Enjoy Miguel’s recipe book here:
The Robinson School Family congratulates Miguel on his thoughtful and practical CAS project.
We cannot wait to taste those Mac & Cheese! 🧀