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115th Anniversary Celebration!


For more than 115 years, Robinson School has provided students with an environment conducive to optimum academic development. Through a diversity of learning experiences, Robinson offers a solid foundation for their future academic and career pursuits.

Our programs provide a strong basis for the advancement of creative and critical thinking. Our excellent teachers strive to expand awareness regarding local, as well as global affairs. As a result, many of our alumni are leaders in the political, economic, business and artistic fields.

Robinson School prepares promising students to become responsible leaders and lifelong learners through an education that emphasizes intellectual engagement, independence, collaboration, creativity, spirituality and integrity. Read more


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Office Hours

Our office hours are from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, from Monday to Friday. Feel free to contact us at 787-999-4600.

Parking Stucture

Here at Robinson we understand how much you love your children. We have limited parking space so we ask you to be patient and diligent in the morning drop-off in both north and south parking areas.

Boarding School 

Robinson School’s Boarding Program will prepare your child, not just for college, but also for LIFE. The small class sizes, diverse curricula, and individual attention students receive from our faculty and advisors distinguish the Boarding Program experience. The abilities they acquire translate into high achievement in college, graduate and professional school as well as their chosen career paths.

Few Facts

Students who attend boarding school learn to be themselves and improve their self-esteem by trying new things and taking risks. Robinson School offers plenty of activities through which students can learn outside the classroom. These programs allow students to explore activities that help them explore new interests while fostering new talents. Read more

Libraries and Learning Commons

Robinson’s Virtual Learning Commons is an extension of our libraries. Learning Commons are educational spaces, similar to libraries and classrooms, where we can share a space for information technology, remote or online education, collaboration, meetings, reading and studying. Through our digital space, you will be able to access resources, use research tools, find out about our activities and much more. This is the place where we can all share our thoughts and our love for reading, share our know-how and come together in our search to become life-long learners.

Computer Labs

Robinson School offers students various computer labs for research assignments, academic activities and projects. The computer labs are open from 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. For more details about computer privileges and policies, please contact Saraivy Colón.

Science Labs

Robinson School recently decided to renovate all of its science labs. We want our students to have the most innovative and durable lab furnishings available. In order to do so, our labs have been evaluated and redesigned to fit our science department standards of excellence.

School Clubs

Robinson students have abundant opportunities to participate in clubs, student government, community service events, among other activities that match their particular interests, whether they are looking for a diversion from academic life or to have a significant impact on our community and the community at large.

With clubs and events such as Robotics, Oratory, Forensics, Neurosciences, Gardening, Blood Drives, Internships, and more, our students have many opportunities to strengthen their leadership and organizational management skills, explore interests, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.