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A setting for unity in Middle School!

This year, 7th, 8th, and 9th-grade class officers worked as one, exercising their leadership skills beautifully, collaborating, and putting their minds together to support each other in creating an initiative they can be proud of for years to come. “I like how we have all come together to create an amazing campaign that has helped impact our classmates’ learning experience in a positive way. We have put our best foot forward…” As a result of the pandemic, students have been attending classes in virtual modality. Engaging using the internet has presented its share of challenges, but non concerned these group of middle schoolers more than the hesitation of their peers when it came to turning on the camera on their devices and allowing their classmates to see them. As a result of their concern, they came together to develop the Open Camera Campaign. The Open Camera Campaign is a series of 30-second videos created by the students presenting different reasons why turning on their camera during class is of importance for their well-being, such as: – encourage attention and keeps students engaged in class, – increase participation and improves class discussion, – lets them see each other to see how their peers are doing, – teachers are happy to see them also, – supports mental health, – and much more! The class officers of MS, with the support of their sponsors, are leading this effort and sharing these videos during homeroom to help each other persevere through these uncertain times. Middle School students have positively embraced the campaign and are looking forward to seeing it applied in other divisions and hopefully other schools. Kudos to all the students and teachers involved for working together on such an important initiative! Enjoy this glimpse of our MS students’ Open Camera campaign! #OpenCameraCampaign #TheRobinsonWay