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Alexandra Winge-Mihai (’11)

Class of 2011 alumna Alexandra Winge-Mihai is an extraordinary young lady. She exemplifies the school’s core mission: Academic Excellence, Christian Values, Dignity and Respect for All. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Gannon University, she has been able to achieve her life-long dream of becoming a Marine Mammal Trainer working with marine and land mammals, birds and reptiles. Alexandra truly loves animals!

Alexandra now is happily married and lives in Philadelphia. Her faith in God has helped her through many hard times. The words she shared with us truly show her strength of character and depth of her faith. Alexandra is grateful for the support and love received from her parents through all the stages of her life.

“I want people to remember that as much as you have a plan for your life, God always has a greater plan for you. You have to trust in His plan and trust He will grant you with many graces. He will allow you to achieve your goals as well when the timing is right. I say this because I have had to trust in Him more than ever these last 4 years. I had to step away from my dream career twice now. First, to care for my father, Nick Mihai, who passed away from cancer in 2016. In 2018 I paused to take care of my mother, Gill Mihai, who was diagnosed with several cancers. She overcame each one and is still fighting strong! This was never in my plan but I trusted God and accepted the challenges. He carried me through it all and granted my wishes. I continued to trust, ask for His help be honest with Him.”

Alexandra, thank you for those words of wisdom that truly resonate with us especially during these unique times